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Phyllis Bennett is a very special person. My husband Richard and I knew this when we telephoned her to make a reservation. She has a gentle voice and a caring attitude.
Mary Evans
John of God performing an eye operation
Best value Trip on the Internet!!!!!
This Badge was given to me by John of God in Entity, it indicates that I am a Daughter of the Casa, and a Medium to John of God
"All Casa Guides MUST
have this latest Badge , as per Casa new rules for  Guides bringing Groups!"
COST PER PERSON (excluding airfares and spending money) £680 for 1 week,  £900 for 2 weeks  or  £1,560 for 3 weeks.
John of God world renowned psychic healer and surgeon, he has healed over 30 million people. Wonderful entities such as King Solomon, St. Francis of Assisi, St Dom Inacio and many surgeons and Doctors from hundreds of years ago work through John of God, he never  charges for his work, he says that God heals through him and he will never ask for payment!!!
"I can take individual photos, to John of God, with people's single MOST important request, and, the cost is £40 including postage & packing
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John of God, Abadiania, Brazil, photo by Beatrice Wiesli
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June 2012
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Private tours can be arranged on request

max of 12 people, (additional guides available if more than 12 on trip)
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Packing for the trip
" Accompany this caring Guide from the Uk to see John of God"
"Phyllis is a warm and caring Guide"
let me know when and how long you would like to stay, by phone or e-mail etc, I will then tell you the total cost, you can then pay a deposit £200 about $300US (or the full amount) to secure your visit,  the balance is due 6 weeks before departure
My E-Mail is: Healingbrazil@Hotmail.Com just in case the Hotmail link is playing up!!
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Payment can be made via Paypal e-mail me for details
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I take this very seriously and it is my life commitment to bring people from all over the world to meet the Entities through John of God.
Those in my initial group will be met by me at Heathrow Airport Departure lounge, at an arranged location and time and then taken on to the plane itself,  people not in this group and from other countries (and England) will be met at Brasilia Airport by trustworthy English speaking Staff, all have been hand-picked for their kindness, Spirituality and good English, you just have to let me know your time of arrival from your country, and E Mail or phone me, when I am out in Brazil, I can be contacted all year round!! and will send you all the information you need to have me as your Guide to John of God, and includes full board and accommodation  with excellent food " A great Hotel with fresh Organic food, comfy rooms,  also 1 minutes walk from the Casa!!!. and my experienced Guidance to speak to the Entities, it is very important to have a Guide to see John of God as you can waste a lot of valuable time and get wrong information from people who think they know the system, and who are not chosen by the Entities to be a  Guide, not to have an official Guide is a false economy, some people have to come back a second time because they did not know the correct way to see John of God face to face, in fact some people never get to see him due to misinformation from others!!!!!!!
I have had to write this, not to get more people coming with me, but to help people get what they really deserve, by seeing John of God quickly , so, that the Entities can get to work on all that that person has asked for, physically, mentally and Spiritually, I really do care about everybody, the Entities know this, and that is why they chose me to become a Guide for John of God, I say this with true humbleness and not with any ego,
I have so much to be grateful to God for. that I want to do my job very very well indeed, and thank God for putting this great man, John of God, on this earth in my lifetime.

The Friends Of The Casa website is the largest community in the world supporting John Of God and his work. Most people who visit The Casa freely subscribe to this site and contribute. They produce frequent newsletters relating to everything current at The Casa and John of God's trips abroad, there is also a recently introduced forum for members to communicate with each other. You can access their 2010/11 newsletters HERE. Be sure to check out Liam and Bill's inspiring healing stories in the December 2010 issue HERE. Join to keep up to date with John of God.

Thank you for looking after us so well Phyllis, and making EVERYTHING VERY EASY, I am feeling much better and I think that the Cancer has died away, Martins back is so much better. Our stay in Abadiania with you as our Guide Phyllis has had a huge affect on both of us, and it was an experience we will never ever forget. Thank you for all the prayers you are saying for us both, so much appreciated. Susan & Martin Rhodes March 2010 
Sunday 5th May
Sunday 5th May
Book NOW for
September the 6th 2014 for 1, 2 or 3 weeks
deposit £200 per week   contact:  
I take people from anywhere in the World to see John of God in person. If not on the Flights with myself, I can have you picked up at Brasilia Airport , by Registered John of God Drivers, just let me know your Flight numbers, times and date of landing, and, returning home times, and, a Driver will be there, with, your name on a Card!`
September the 6th 2014 for 1, 2 or 3 weeks

In November 2010 we were treated to a nice surprise when Oprah Magazine did a feature article on John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio.  The four page feature included colour photo spreads of the Casa grounds, the current, the crystals and of Course Medium Joao. 

During the same week  Oprah featured John of God in her show and interviewed people who had been to the Casa while also showing Video footage of the Casa.   She expressed her interest in meeting John of God and finding out more about his mission.

The show was quite positive with a little bit of token scepticism thrown in.  Quite a bit of attention was devoted to physical surgeries as usual.  Apparently the show had more than 40 million viewers

Watch the  YouTube "Oprah John of God Show" videos by clicking the links below
Read the full Article on "O" magazine here

" Phyllis is always available for last minute late Bookings, or, one to one, bookings, anytime of the Year!!"
September the 6th 2014 for 1, 2 or 3 weeks
"Other forms of payment available as well "

September the 6th 2014 for 1, 2 or 3 weeks
September the 6th 2014 for 1, 2 or 3 weeks
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I am very thankful for Phillys's guidance while we were in Abadiania. I had a beautiful experience with her and our group. I think she is a very affable and caring person. she is also very attentive to the feelings of others.
I am greateful for the advices that she gave me before she left and the help she provided me with after our farewell.
Best wishes to you, Phyllis.

OSKANA and Mother, from the Ukraine
September Group 2013.


To Phyllis
I really don't know where to begin to thank you enough for the wonderful care and attention I received from you the moment I arrived in Brazil! You really went out of your way to help me, and make me comfortable. I can't EVER remember being treated so well, and I'm happy to tell you I had THE most wonderful time. Not only am I feeling better than ever, friends and family are absolutely AMAZED at the changes in me over just two short weeks.



After spending some time looking for the guidance and support I knew I would need for this journey, it was an inspiring and uplifting change to find this through Phyllis. How perfect that you specialise in smaller groups and are with us all the way.
The correspondence I had with Phyllis prior to the trip and leading up to it, I found extraordinarily healing in itself.
Only a few would walk the extra mile the way Phyllis does. Anything I had to ask ,nothing was too much trouble.
Phyllis’s background knowledge of the Casa, Abadiana and the local people really made me feel part of the life there and was so interesting to hear.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Abadiana and the Casa, a beautiful place, a motivational and inspiring trip in good company and I would recommend 3 weeks if possible to give yourself plenty of time to settle in and take it easy!
I also enjoyed our visit to old Abadiana, it really felt magical there and not forgetting the Karumba waterfall lookout point, wonderful extra highlight.
I’ve been enjoying playing the casa music from the current rooms, takes me back, great!

Julie Green from Yorkshire UK
Thank you Phyllis x


An official guide from Québec, Shirley, convinced us to go to Abadiânia.  We tried to contact her for a week after she had given her talk on the subject, but to no avail.  We decided then to go there on our own and Michel made all the necessary reservations.  After all we had been to Brazil a few times before without any kind of help!
Shirley finally contacted us, and even if it was too late to go with her group, she insisted on finding a good guide for us at the time we would be there because, she said, "things could be a bit too complicated for first timers over there”.  She recommended Phyllis very highly, saying that she is one of the most experienced and caring guide.  At first we refused, being  used to do everything ourselves.  But then we thought it would be nice to have some good company for a few weeks, since we knew that Abadiânia is in the middle of nowhere and yes, may be some kind of assistance would be useful, after all...
That was a very good decision indeed, Phyllis has been so helpful! It is true that things can be quite confusing at the Casa.  Though everything is well organised, almost like a ballet, it is far from being obvious at first sight, even if the protocol is very strict!  We had a lot of questions to ask to Phyllis and there were many details to discuss. Phyllis always answered knowingly and with much patience all our questions.  She is a good guide on a technical level and on a spiritual level too. 
But above all, we should mention this great quality of her: KINDNESS.  Our group was very convivial and Phyllis really has a knack for leading a group from so many different countries.  We thank you very much, Phyllis!

Michel Desrosiers and Carmen Beaulieu, Granby, Québec, Canada.


My first weeks in Abadiania were at best overwhelming.  Then I met Phyllis.  Phyllis took me “under her wing” and embraced me without hesitation.  For the rest of my four weeks there, Phyllis was instrumental in paving the way for my spiritual healing journey.  Her compassion and great sense of humor was a welcomed reassurance.  The rest of my trip thus turned out “magical”.  It was a blessing to have found Phyllis on this healing journey.  I was always touched by her compassion and caring for all.  I am eternally grateful to John of God and the Entities for my continued healing.  And I cannot truly find adequate words to thank Phyllis for her generosity in spirit, kindness and support through an initially very difficulty journey, which ultimately became a “gift” to treasure!
With love and gratitude,
Old Bridge, New Jersey

" If you want to join my Group, anytime, please phone and leave a message,
I will get back to you ASAP. UK 01702-344794
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