Q: How much spending money will I need to take?
A: This depends on whether you buy crystals and gifts to take home £100
a week should be more than enough

Q: Can i send and receive E-Mails?
A: Yes one of the Hotels we use has wireless internet (bring your wireless enabled laptop)
there are also a number of internet cafes

Q: Are there phones at the Hotel?
A: yes there are phones at the Hotel (these need a phone card) and also at the juice bar just down the road (no cards needed)

Q: How do you accept payment?
A: You can pay by U.K cheque, by Paypal, Bankers Draft or we can arrange other options to suit, see our options page by clicking here

Q: Can I join at any time  while you are in Brazil?
A: Yes you can, any time during my stay
in Brazil, we can have you met at Brasillia Airport by our Pleasent English speaking drivers

Q: How much is the Airfare to Brazil?
A: It depends on where you are flying from, the time of year, and the airline you use,  

Q: Why isnt the transfer from Brasillia included in the  cost?
A: When we have a group we share the cost between us, this saves everyone money straight away

Q: What is included in the cost?
A: Your Hotel accomodation, three meals a day in the Hotel and my guidance on the Casa days

Q: How much    does it cost?
A: please see home page for up to date prices

Q:What is not included in the  cost?
A: Transfer to and from Brasillia Airport, bottled water, Herbs, meals not taken at the Hotel or any items other than those included above

Q: what phone number do I call to speak to you  outside the UK?
A: To speak to Phyllis from the USA
phone 011 44 1702 464675

Q: What type of food is availble at the Hotel?
A: Mostly chicken with rice, soya mince fresh vegetables, pasta fruit and salads, to drink, coffe, herbal teas and fruit juices

Q: Are there phones at the Hotel?
A: yes there are phones at the Hotel (these need a phone card) and also at the juice bar just down the road (no cards needed)

Q: Does John of God see everyone?
A: Yes John of God will see eveyone who goes to the Casa and Phyllis will be with you

Q: Why am I a Daughter of the Casa?
A: John of God, while in Entity told me
I am a powerfull medium and healer
and to help in the healing processes

Q: Why should I choose you as my guide?
A: Going to a foreign country can be worrying enough, but if you are ill as well, you want to have some one you can rely on and give you the best possible support during your travel and stay I am also very easy to get on with!!

Q: Why do I need a guide?
A:Having someone who can take the stress out of your visit to Brazil by traveling with you and/or having you met and taken to your Hotel,  guide you through the Casa procedures and answer your questions with GENUINE LOVING CARE will have a benificial effect on your healing before it even begins !!

Q: Does the Hotel supply towels?
A: Yes thay do, but they are only small its best to bring a couple of your own large towels

Q: Are there mosquitos?
A: yes they are most troublesome during December to February, the rainy season,
this is the reason I do NOT  take groups at this time of year (bring insect repellant)

Q: I live outside the UK can I join your group?
A: Yes you can , everyone from any country is more than welcome to join me in Brazil

Q: Will I Know where to find you, if i need you?
A: I will allways let my group know where I am and how to contact me, so you will never feel left on your own !!
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